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My name is Max Proskoff, and I am a 35 y/o Network Engineer with computers tightly knit into my life through interest, self-study and a formal college education. I was once mesmerized with a 10Base-T network over coax being installed [it ran on Novell Netware ;)] for an office where I worked over 15 years ago. For some odd reason I found this very cool. The network engineer and his team of installers seemed amazing, mysterious magicians who through their superior knowledge of technology influenced the dynamics of an entire business for the better. Since that fateful day, Computer Network Design and Implementation entered my life.

I was lucky to work with some creme-de-la-creme geeks at the time, and my circle of friends were and still are in the same “elite” group. I barraged them with questions and absorbed all I could from them. Frequently, I heard the mysterious “RTFM” answer. It lead me to pursue a Computer Science Degree, read countless electronics books as well as to get accredited through A+, Network+ and CCNA certifications.

The knowledge I possessed was just “too cool” to simply store inside. The market shortage of qualified network admins, engineers and general techs during the internet bubble had catapulted me into the profession. I joined “the force” and climbed by way from a “cable monkey” to a position of “Director of IT” with a prestigious marketing firm in NYC. Throughout this journey, I supported many clients& technology needs. These are some of the same clients that NY Link Tech services to this day.

During my professional career, I had the opportunity to hone my skills and acquire additional knowledge in the areas of Computer Networking and Hardware, Telephone Systems, Surveillance Systems, Alarm Systems and Home Automation Installation and Programming. My programming and database design and management background have also assisted me throughout the years in picking-up skills and knowledge in web development, and web applications as was needed, and I continue to keep-up with most recent technologies and systems today.

I have built NY Link Tech from the ground-up. While it started as a hobby, it grew into a company on which clients can rely for solutions to most technology challenges today. Whether you are just opening a business, or need a professional to come in and troubleshoot, extend or support an existing infrastructure — be it a computer network, security or surveillance system or a telephone system — we welcome you to reach-out to us for a hassle-free and cost-sensitive solution to your challenges. As technologies for the home are becoming more advanced, we also welcome residential projects.


Our skeleton team consists of 3 team leaders. We are also supported by a scalable team of 15 professionals. Key relationships with experts in our field allow us to scale-up quickly and efficiently to support large or highly time-sensitive projects. Our clients have direct access with their dedicated team leader, who is always available either by email or phone. All teams who are dispatched to our customers' locations have all required tools and equipment to complete your job quickly and efficiently. All teams are equipped with Cell Phones, Internet Hot Spots and Laptops for efficient information sharing.


NY Link Tech is a young business. This being said, we strive to go above and beyond to satisfy our clients, and offer extended service hours. We trust it is important for our clients to reach us over the phone and by email when it is necessary and convenient for our customer. Due to the nature of potentially disruptive service during installations, service and repairs, we make ourselves fully available outside of business hours and on the weekends. You are also encouraged to give us a call, send us an email or complete a “Contact Us” form in the “CONTACT” page, and we will call you back inside an hour. Our formal business hours are:

Monday — Friday: 6:30 am — 10:00 pm
Saturday & Sunday: 7:00 am — 11:00 pm

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